My three personal commitments:

Run an honest campaign

I promise to tell the truth, act with integrity and be courteous at all times.

Greg Stafford the Conservative Candidate set up a misleading petition asking you to stop a “proposed merger” between Waverley and Guildford Councils, which is not happening!

Khalil Yousuf and the Lib Dems are claiming Labour “can’t win” in Farnham and Bordon by relying on data from a website run by a 22 year old student while ignoring respected polls in The Sunday Times that show Labour is only 4% from victory!

Keep it local

Farnham and Bordon is my home and it’s the only place I want to represent as an MP.

The Conservative candidate asking for your vote has been a Councillor in Ealing for the last 16 years and ran to be an MP in Wales.

“I promise that as the MP for Cardiff Central that I will speak up for my constituents… and improve the lives of the people of Cardiff.” (2017)

Greg Stafford, Conservative Candidate

The Lib Dem candidate ran in West Sussex at the last general election and promised to “work hard over the coming days, weeks, months, and years” for every person who voted for him in 2019.

“You shouldn’t vote tactically, you should vote on the basis of your conscience… I promise that if we are elected we will make our country much better, and focus much more on Crawley.” (2019)

Khalil Yousuf, Liberal Democrat Candidate

No costly second home

If elected as your MP, I will keep living in my family home in Farnham.

This means you won’t have to pay the cost of me renting a house in London like many members of parliament do.